Sportify your Business

Take your objectives and make them into a game.  With SpurGo, watch your players compete to see who can reach goals the fastest.  Getting started is just a click away.

Virsera Solutions

Managers – Make your team business goals into a game.  Input the tasks that lead to the goal and assign time, points and players.  It’s that easy!

Managers – Look to real-time and historical reporting for task and employee performance

Players – Compete to win!  Prove your mettle by completing tasks faster than your peers.

Players – The faster you complete your tasks, the more points you get.

Spur your team forward, faster, with more fun!

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Whether online or in-person, Bungo! makes a game out of paying attention to presentations

The first person to hear four key words or phrases vertically, horizontally or diagonally on the Bungo! board wins

Compete with other audience members in real-time

Presenter can use reporting to tell who listened and which words landed the most

Make boring fun!

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The heart of Virsera’s games is business intelligence

Real-time and historical reporting on people, teams and companies offer meaningful analytics to understand and analyze performance and opportunities on deeper level than ever before

Our solutions deliver the right information in the right context to the right person at the right time, which in turn gives organizations the insight they need to achieve real business agility

Goals Gamified
Hours Saved
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Meet the Founders

John Diefendorf
John DiefendorfCo-Founder (Emeritus)
John Diefendorf is co-founder of Virsera, a business software gamification company that creates games around business goals and priorities. Prior, John was Principal at Derflan, Inc – a technology marketing firm ranked among the fastest growing companies in the nation for five years in a row by Inc. Magazine. He has also worked as a senior executive at JP Morgan Chase, Chief Technology Officer of an application service provider in New York City, Director of IT at John Hancock Financial Services in Boston, Director of Engineering at a Wall Street consulting firm and Systems Engineer at Microsoft. John has extensive knowledge in management, operations, architecture, strategy, sales, and marketing.
Joe Corella
Joe CorellaCo-Founder
An electrical engineer by education, Joe has spent the past 20+ years in technical sales and leadership. With tours at IBM and an 18-year career at Microsoft, he has held positions ranging from Systems Engineer, Sales Manager, Partner Manager, and National Technology Director. Joe has extensive experience in technology sales, leadership, and solutions deployment.

Customer Testimonials.

See what people are saying about Virsera!

We are getting so much positive reaction! Our team is having a blast!

Dunya Riechelson, President, Allytics Marketing

The competition made people go nuts. People I never expected to hear from were asking me what they could do to accomplish their tasks faster for more points.

Geoff Thomas, President Asia-Pacific, Polycom

SpurGo helped shine a light into the dark corners of important things we don’t like to manage on a day to day basis.

Steve Voss, Partner, Aon Hewitt