SpurGo Dynamics Add-In Set-up Instructions – for complete details and step by step assistance, please contact: support@playspurgo.com

  1. Sales Manager/game host create a New SpurGo Challenge
    1. The SpurGo Challenge consists of Tasks that require the player to complete specific Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement activities, i.e.Create New Account, Update Account, etc.
    2. Sales Manager/game host invites players to the Challenge who already have provisioned SpurGo Accounts (with the exact same user ID as their Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement login ID)
    3. Sales Manager/game host starts the Challenge
  2. In Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, Sales Manager/game host goes to the SpurGo Hub and
    1. SpurGo Configurations: Creates a New SpurGo Configuration, entering the appropriate:
      • API URL
      • Client ID
      • Client Secret
      • SpurGo User ID
      • SpurGo Password
    2. SpurGo Challenges: Sync All Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Challenges to verify the Challenge is connected to the SpurGo hub
    3. SpurGo Tasks: Refresh (if necessary) to verify all the Tasks created in Step 1a show up in the SpurGo hub

Now, when SpurGo players (invited in Step 1b) complete the designated Tasks in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, the Sales Manager is notified in his SpurGo web page and has the opportunity to evaluate and validate the Task submission.  The player will get the appropriate credit for Task completion.